Do you believe the democracy established in Afghanistan is strong enough to survive?

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I think that the people over there see that this system is going to help them out a lot, and I think that they want to keep this program in place for a long time. They like being able to vote in the people that rule them in the country.

  • No, Afghanistan is still very much a weak state

    The challenge with Afghanistan is that the state is still very weak. The government simply does not have the necessary authority to control a territory. There are too many historic tribal divisions amongst Afghan society in order for it to be a unified and stable state, and levels of corruption in the government are among the highest in the world.

  • As soon As We Leave

    They will go back to living like they always have. I do not know why our government thinks they can change 3000 thousand years of thinking in 15 years. They probably could, but Afghans are very religious, and they see modern living as a sin to their religion. Let's bring our troops home and let them live the way they want to live. We were just supposed to catch the terrorists, not rebuild a country to our liking.

  • It Depends on the Afghans

    Democracy in Afghanistan will only take root if it becomes localized and that country. It needs to be an outgrowth of Afghan culture. Democracy can't be imposed on a society; it needs to organically grow from the people. Once that happens, Afghans will feel that they have a larger stake in the governance of their country.

  • With the unstability in the area with terrorist forces it will be a hard fight.

    Unless the terrorists are completely removed from Afghanistan they will be hard pressed to have any sort of honest democracy survive. Chances are if it does it will be a terrorist funded candidate running the country. The citizens will vote for that person out of fear for their safety or their families.

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