Do you believe the DNC is actively undermining Bernie Sanders’ campaign?

  • Of Course they are

    The "Rich Snobs of America Inc." Feels that they're high and mighty money will buy them the way to victory. Of Course wall street CEO's are bribing super delegates so who's side is the DNC going to end up on? The Clinton powerhouse obviously because they're money, is power, and power is media attention and they believe that will get them in the history books, but do the real democrats of today care? No.

  • Yes, the DNC is undermining Bernie Sanders' campaign.

    The DNC is definitely undermining Bernie Sanders' campaign. They believe he would not win a general election and have put all their hopes on Hilary Clinton. She has more appeal to the general public, at least according to the DNC. Bernie Sanders would only create doubt about Hilary, and if he was to pull an upset and beat Hilary as the democratic runner, they believe he would lose and cost the Democrats the presidential election of 2016.

  • Feel the Bern!

    Yes, I do believe that the DNC is actively undermining Bernie Sanders' campaign. He is unlike any presidential candidate that we have had for decades. He has high hopes and honest aspirations and is not likely to cut corners and stand beside corporate America while he takes his honest approach.

  • Of Course they are

    I think the DNC is definitely trying to undermine Bernie Sanders' campaign. The DNC has a lot to lose if Hillary Clinton does not win the nomination. They have thrown all of their support behind Clinton and definitely do not want Bernie Sanders to win the nomination. They believe Clinton has the better shot to win the Presidency.

  • He's Right to Sue

    Bernie Sanders was so right to sue the DNC for undermining his campaign and making him seem like a joke to those who were listening to their organization. His campaign team deserves the right to look at the crucial voting polls and databases and them keeping that from his campaign team was wrong.

  • 1st year Democrat.

    Bernie sure has a lot of complaints and requests for the DNC for a first year democrat. He thinks we should change all the rules because the Democrats have supported Democrats in the past. My goodness.

    Also Bernie Sanders has never been vetted by the media. Wait till the Republicans get a hold of him.

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