• Yes they do

    It does take some work in order to carry things. Whether it's messages, food, etc, they do deserve compensation for their efforts. The question is, do they deserve compensation primarily from their employer, or do they need compensation primarily through tips and other things. Every company needs to decide for themselves.

  • Yes they do.

    Of course the efforts of carriers deserve compensation. Anything that takes this much time and effort deserves to be rewarded. The same question could be asked for any other form of hard work. Do they deserve compensation or do they not? Of course they do, it's a lot of effort being put it.

  • A hard job

    Yes, I think that carriers do deserve to be paid for their work, because they work hard and most of the time are very good at their job. They provide a valuable service for people, and deserve a reward for going and working as hard as they do to help us.

  • As far as a tip?

    I believe the efforts of carriers do deserve compensation. Often carriers, within the United States, are independent contractors, which means their expenses come directly out of their wages. I do believe this people deserve to be tipped because they are rarely paid enough to cover their wages and expenses and still make a living wage.

  • No, I do not.

    Carriers do not deserve compensation. They should get a real job if they want to earn some money. Just because you are carrying in the name of a good cause does not mean you deserve to be paid for it. People should not be paid for something that is a charitable effort.

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