• Yes, of course it is.

    When you think about it, there is nothing more important to human beings than the environment. Without a healthy environment, the world will not be able to grow and thrive and there will be many more problems to deal with. So yes, the movement is well worth it and more people should pay attention.

  • yes it is

    yes, i do think that this movement is for sure worth the cause. We are doing a lot of damage to the environment, and i think that we need to start doing a whole lot to try to save all that we can so that we do not mess up.

  • It's the only earth we have

    Environmentalists are often painted as hippies who hate the government and would rather safe a squirrell than build a school. However, this is the only earth we have. When it's resources are gone, the human race will face amazing challenges. More efforts must be made to protect the environment than are currently being done.

  • Live and let live.

    No, I don't believe that environmental justice is worth the cause, because it is just an effort to control other people. If the person actually owns the land, they should be allowed to do with it what they want. If they want to build a big concrete parking lot, more power to them.

  • It's a mental illness sign.

    No, I don't think that the environmental justice movement is worth anything. As is usually the case, it's fully of bitter, angry and maladjusted people who have problems integrating into the real world. They just want to destroy something and cause other people harm. Environmental justice is their way of justifying their mental illness.

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