Do you believe the evolution versus creationism debate will ever be conclusively solved within the next 100 years?

  • Yes, It already has.

    The question is: How long until creationists realize the debate is over? The answer to that question is SOON. The internet, with all it's access to knowledge and resources for discovering the evidence--which is everywhere--is killing off religion very rapidly. Humanity will soon be even more focused on issues that matter.

  • With science proving atheists wrong

    In the strong anthropic principle, aiogenesis, carbon dating, etc, etc, eventually atheists naturalists wont he able to inflict their rage at God in the classroom any more. Without this backing, atheism will fall away and be replaced by Godly education in how the Lord created the Earth. And by Godly, I mean Jesusly.

  • It Is Possible

    In my opinion the only way creationism could possibly be real is if we were created by an alien race that has yet to return, that we know of. If they come back and confirm genetic engineering, then I suppose we could say creationism is real. I think people will continue to cling to the old theory, despite evolution being more scientific.

  • I suppose so.

    I'm going to post this like I did on the other one. Creationism and Evolution are NOT mutually exclusive! Creationism just says that a higher power created the earth and the species within it. It doesn't say the specifics. Evolution doesn't say how the organisms were originally created, just how they evolved over time. One says what was created, the other says how. Therefore, they are not mutually exclusive.

  • Creation is real

    The earth is less than 100,000 years old the evidence will soon be presented. Just my opinion, The Bible is totally true. Praise God!!!!
    Radiometric dating needs more work to be a true measuring assay. The dinosaurs died during the flood except for a few.
    Mankind is special and loved by our Heavenly father.

  • It most likely will be if The Lord Jesus returns within that time period.

    People always have to have their precious "scientific facts." My friends it's a well known fact that there are things science can't prove. Science can't prove emotions, love, and even itself. Yes that's right science can't prove science!!! We put so much faith in science where scientific facts seem to change everyday. Thank you for listening and may God bless.

  • It is already solved

    Anyone that thinks this has not been solved or is not over needs to read and study some basic science. The fact that this debate is still going on is not a matter of right and wrong, its a matter of informing the ignorant of the truth. Creationism is bollocks, there is no scientific evidence for creationism at all.

  • I Hope So

    If public schools refuse to teach creationism, and they do a good job in teaching evolution, the "debate" should end in less than 100 years. It all depends on our posterity's understanding of science. There really cannot be any logical argument against evolution. I have yet to hear an argument against evolution in which the creationist fully understands evolution.

  • Never, science is always 99.99999999% theories while only 1 percent considered as a law or a fact.

    All the greatest minds in history believed in a high power or God, intelligent design is somewhat a standard basis for all scientists. It was always religion that created civilizations, it is just a form of scientific reasoning but also an oldest school of science. I am really doubtful in how humanity progresses today because I see young people are getting dumber and more stagnant to discover. Atheist organizations instead of investing to discover new frontiers, they are trying to fallsify religion and blame religion on everything rather than finding a proof.
    CS Lewis realized that human minds are so limited to ever fully understand God and his intelligent masterful design. We will never find an answer in His mind but we can see Him on the otherside.
    Atheism and evolutionism are just another religions by the way, the people use an unclear unproven "fantasy" to make it as a fact like exactly Christian evangelists once did.

  • We still wonder.

    No, I do not believe that the evolution vs. creationism debate will ever be conclusively solved within the next 100 years, because people will always want to deny what is right in front of them. The evidence is for creation. But those who hate God will never believe it is the truth, even in 100 years.

  • No, I believe that knowledge is beyond us.

    No, I don't believe it's something that's solvable. I believe that the knowledge is something that we will never garner. If we ever do garner it, I believe it'll be near the end of the world's time. There's no reason to debate this, in my opinion. Seemingly, most people have already made up their minds.

  • No, I don't think the debate will end.

    I don't believe that the debate between Creationists and scientists who believe in evolution will be over with in 100 years. The reason is that many people believe in a combination of the two. There really is no black and white with this issue, but rather a lot of grays in between; it's almost like a spectrum as to what people believe. And those who truly believe in Creationism will disregard anything that science finds to the contrary.

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