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  • No, I don`t think so.

    Some Trump supporters may be embarrassed to say they are backing him, which would mess with the pollsters' models. Maybe also people aren't telling pollsters the truth. Thinking, I don't want to tell a pollster I'm voting for Trump, but in private, that's how I feel and that's what I'm going to do.

  • Don't trust polls.

    I don't really trust anything that I see on the news. Polls could be biased or the people they asked could have all been from one race or electorate. There's no way to tell if the polls are actually fair. The polls mostly said that Hillary Clinton would win the election and they turned out to be false.

  • I dont' know which polls to believe anymore

    I do think many of the white rural/ outlying area voters were heavily for Trump, but those are the folks who normally don't get polled. I'm still in shock and I just can't believe this has actually happened. Most of the statistically significant polls with real methodology behind them were showing Clinton in the lead, and overall it was a close race..

  • I do not believe the exit polls that CNN was producing

    There is no way on earth I believe the exit polls that CNN was producing. First, their data has proven to be incorrect in the worst possible way, that fact backed up by the election results. Second, CNN was shamefully biased in their reporting against Donald Trump. It should be ashamed of itself and never taken seriously again as a news organization. It is nothing but a mouthpiece for the left.

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