Do you believe the Fair Labor Standards Act should be updated (yes) or completely re-done to modern business practices (no)?

  • Yes, the FLSA should be updated.

    I think that the Fair Labor Standards Act should be updated. I don't that such a policy should be completely re-doned to modern business practices. I think all it needs is a little modifying to adjust to the way modern businesses operate today. I think that anything more than that is unnecessary.

  • The FLSA should be updated

    The FLSA needs to be updated to reflect the changes in business since the act was passed. The act specifies that jobs making over $455 a week can be salaried and not get overtime. This limit needs to be raised to something more like $1,000 a week. The act also needs to be updated to reflect the realities of computer and office professionals in 2014. It is a good law that gives many worker protections, but we need to make sure that it is adjusted for the current economy.

  • Too many rules.

    Yes, I believe that the Fair Labor Standards Act should be updated to modern business practices, because what we have now is very outdated. It is hard for business to hire people when they are constantly trying to keep up with these antiquated laws. Technology has eradicated a lot of the need for these regulations.

  • FLSA Needs Complete Overhaul

    The Fair Labor Standards Act was passed as a result of the Great Depression. Since then, a lot of new things have happened to the American labor force such as outsourcing, streamlining and automation. The act must be completely re-done so it can include new principles such as job re-training, severance pay and better labor standards for a 21st Century work force.

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