• We Need To Change

    I believe with technology as it is now, we could certainly move over to different voting platforms. I think we should try to revolutionize the way voting is done by doing it electronically. If we can sign up for health care on-line then why can't we vote at home. I believe the federal government should take over elections so we could move in this direction.

  • Let the feds take over voting.

    The federal government should take over elections. This is because there are too many problems at the local level. One group should take care of all of it to reduce problems. Having 50 states with thousands of locals in charge of counting votes and tallying machines, there are always problems that ensure.

  • Yes, the federal government should

    Federal government should definitely take over elections. A lot of people will balk when they hear this, but things are more tried and true at the federal level. Just look a the military and the post office if you need a good example. Local government, a lot of the time, is fairly incompetenty.

  • Election officials should be as responsive and close to the people as possible.

    A decentralized election system is an important part of keeping the electoral system mostly clean. Individual districts can become corrupt, but it is difficult to make the entire system corrupt. It is also important to consider that the States are collectively choosing their elected leaders to represent their interests, not the federal government and, as such, elections are the province of each State. The federal governments interest in regulating elections should be limited by the constitutional provisions enumurated.

  • It would be so inefficient.

    No, I do not believe that the federal government should take over elections, because it would end up being even more corrupt and inefficient than it is already. The federal government would pay the election representatives too much, as a way to give political favors to their friends. It would be far too easy for people to cheat for the greater good, in their opinion.

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