Do you believe the freedom of speech should remain a fundamental right (yes) or should we only allow free speech when the majority agree (no)?

Do you believe the freedom of speech should remain a fundamental right (yes) or should we only allow free speech when the majority agree (no)?
  • Lets keep it

    Free speech must be a fundamental right because it allows you to voice your opinions as well as hear others opinions. In order to know your opinion is right, you must hear other opinions. If you ban peoples opinions because you disagree with them or don't like them, then when will it be used against you? You will also lose your right, and what you say someone else may not right and then you get blocked and no one hears any other opinions anymore. People dies for your right to be able to voice your opinions for or against it, and if your opinion is correct then you don't need to censor people and if your wrong then free speech may allow people to be corrected or have a good discussions about it. You can not regulate based on what you don't like because what you say may be what someone else doesn't like, etc...

  • Freedom of speech for all.

    I believe that freedom of speech should remain a fundamental right when even a lone voice is speaking. If we allowed this only for the majority, then people who are not in tune with the political correctness of the day really wouldn't have a voice. In addition, freedom of speech was intended to protect individuals, not the gang mentality.

  • It must remain a fundamental right.

    If speech were restricted to only what the majority agree with, it would hardly be something that could be called freedom, now, could it? In order for speech to truly be free, it has to protect even those viewpoints we dislike and disagree with. If you don't like what someone is saying, you don't have to listen.

  • Freedom of Speech Should Remain a Fundamental Right

    A person's right to speech should not be based on the opinion of the majority. An individual should have the right to voice their opinion on issues that affect them, with the hope that their opinion is acknowledged. The opinion does not need to be agreed upon by the majority, but at least heard. If freedom of speech becomes based on the majority, then we will become mere puppets who have to agree with everything the majority says when in fact we do not agree.

  • Dissention from the majority is the basis of progress

    People are in favor of the freedom of their speech, and of speech that they tend to agree with, but are always worried that freedom of some speech may be "hateful, backwards, or ignorant". It is a symptom of a free society that not all that is said is good or beneficial, but this symptom is far less severe than a condition of thought intolerance which can be a great harm to any society. Freedom of speech must cover even unpopular speech.

  • A fundamental right.

    Yes, I believe that free speech should be a fundamental right afforded to everyone. If we only allowed "free speech" when the majority agreed, then it wouldn't be free speech at all. Everyone should have the ability to say whatever they want that does not result in physical danger and everyone should also have the right to tell them that they disagree with what they say.

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