• Reagon is needed

    The GOP could be lead by Reagan of the past and that is badly needed in today's political climate. The republican party does not have a good national leader that people can look for and this country needs another person such as President Reagan to lead the way in a good way.

  • Yes, I believe the GOP of today could be lead by the Regan of the past.

    I believe that the GOP could unify around Ronald Regan in today's age, Regan was very popular with the American public until the Watergate scandal and was able to present conservative policies in a way that the broad American public supported, I think while there would be some personality clashes between GOP leadership I think Regan could lead today's GOP.

  • Yes, Reagan could lead the G.O.P. today.

    I'm assuming the question meant to refer to Ronald Reagan. If so, then yes, Ronald Reagan could definitely lead the G.O.P. of today. I think that his leadership and ideals would be something that would prove to be popular among many republicans and conservatives today. I think that if her were running things today, it would be better.

  • The G.O.P. today cannot be lead by the Raegan of the past

    The G.O.P. today cannot be lead by the Raegan of the past and will never at the rate that our country is going now. It seems that the G.O.P. have lost their sense of worth and value in their community, and are detaching further and further away from the citizens that they are supposed to represent. What the G.O.P. needs to do is focus on the people, and not their political agenda.

  • No, definitely not.

    The GOP of today would consider Ronald Reagan a lefty and might even call him a communist or a socialist who wants to destroy America. Especially with all the tax raising he did, and the programs he wanted to implement for the poor. He'd be laughed out of the room like they do with Ron Paul now.

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