Do you believe the game of Cricket is still viable in today's society?

  • Great Past Time

    The game of cricket is absolutely a viable game these days, but it exists it smaller enclaves that most sports. It has been used as an effective way to bring peace between warring nations, and even though it is not featured on ESPN's SportsCenter, the game is very popular around the world.

  • Cricket is viable in today's society

    It is my opinion that the game of cricket is still viable in today's society because it is becoming more widely known to a global audience. With the advancement of communication technologies and global media, the sport of cricket has begun to reach people across the globe and create more fans of the sport as a result.

  • People love it.

    Yes, I believe the game of Cricket is still viable in today's society, because people around the world love the game of cricket as much as Australians love footy. It is the Americans who decided to turn the game into baseball instead. As popular as baseball is here, cricket is to the rest of the world.

  • Yes, Cricket is still viable.

    I think that while I believe the sport of Cricket to be boring, I still think it is viable in today's society. A lot of people like and support the sport. And that is the reason why it is still around. That is why it still deserves a place in today's sports.

  • Only Popular in Two Countries

    Cricket is only popular in two countries: Great Britain and India. Cricket is a batting game that is confusing to anyone who watches it for the first time as a novice. I've never understood the rules of cricket and don't want to. Cricket is great for those who follow it, but as a worldwide sport it isn't overly special.

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