• Yes, trans girls are girls.

    Regardless of their age or maturity, trans girls are girls just as trans women are women. Girl Scouts should be a place where these girls feel safe to be themselves, and trans girls should have access to that. I grew up as a girl scout, and I would have accepted a trans girl, or multiple, into my troop gladly. I met some close friends through girl scouts and I want trans girls to feel that kind of family that is hard to find elsewhere. So yes, they should be allowed to join Girl Scouts. They are girls after all.

  • Yes of course

    A transgender girl is a girl so yes,plus that brings up a another thing to mind what if it was somone born intersex what would you say then would the person be a girl or a boy? Really am genuinely curious about that but in short yes I do think so.

  • Yes, I believe the Girl Scouts should accept all members.

    The Girl Scouts since its inception has been an organization that supported girls and young women. A group that was at one time looked over and excluded. It would be ironic and counter productive for the Girl Scouts to exclude transgender students. Since being founded by Julliett Lowe, the organization has brought opportunity to many young minds.

  • Girl scouts are for Girls

    Girl scouts are for Girls not boys who be becomes Girls. The girls will be at a disadvantage because changing your genital areas doesn't change what you were born as they will be physically stronger bigger than the average girl just like the two transgender running against girls in track no you can change your looks but your genetic make up you can't transgender boys should compete with boys and vice versa if a transgender girl joins the boy scouts she would be at a disadvantage leave the girl scouts alone

  • No, Girl Scouts shouldn't allow transgender students.

    I think that since the Girl Scouts are a private organization, they should not have to be made to allow different lifestyle individuals in joining their clubs. If a person wants to choose to be a transgender, then that is their right. But the Girl Scouts do not have to welcome them.

  • The Scouts Organization

    I personally think that trans gender students should be allowed to join what I consider one of the best organizations in the world. In the Girl Scout Law the following words and phrases: fair, caring, and "make the world a better place" are used. Obviously, the leaders and/or executive officers of Girl Scouts were not living up to this. They have not made the world a better place; they have made the world a turmoiled and hateful place.

  • Transgenders can join another organization.

    Girl scouts are just that. Girls. Beyond that, the GSA is a private organization that can dictate who they allow to participate. Participation is, and always has been strictly limited to girls. There are other organizations such as pathfinders that offer a similar experience in a co-ed environment. These organizations that are naturally gender neutral anyhow would be a much better alternative.

  • The Girl Scouts should be wise

    The Girl Scouts should not allow transgender students. The vast majority of the girls and the parents would not want them in the girl scouts and I as a parent would not allow my girl in the scouts if there was a transgender in the group. Some things need to stay the same.

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