Do you believe the GOP has more problems with their strategies (yes) or their policies (no)?

  • The GOP strategies are flawed.

    Nothing is more evident of a flawed strategy than the failed government sequester. The purpose of holding the government budget hostage just because they wanted to destroy Obamacare was a huge mistake. They alienated the entire country and got nothing for it. Only by a stroke of luck did they regain support due to the failed Obamacare rollout. Had that gone smoothly, the democrats would have been the heroes of this administration.

  • The GOP has more problems with their strategies.

    Just because they don't believe in the same policies as the democrats or liberals in general does not mean they have to use such extreme strategies when they are discussing these differences.A better approach would be to take the higher road and not just stoop to the lowest possible level.

  • GOP needs to fix strategy

    The GOP needs to fix their strategy in order to be successful to defeat the democrats. They need to take the right approach and go after the democrats aggresively and often to win the mid terms. Their policies are good and will win the elections if they can have the right approach.

  • The GOP has primarily policy problems

    While you could argue that the GOP has problems with both, their policies are certainly a great issue. What they stand for simply doesn't hold a lot of weight for many Americans. You can have the best strategists in the world, but if you are selling something no one wants, you will still lose.

  • It Is Both

    I believe the problems with the GOP have been with both their strategies and their policies. I believe there biggest problem in strategy are their chosen leaders. During both of the last two elections they have offered up impossible choices that the majority of Americans can't agree on. Their policies favor the rich as well, and thanks to them, there are even fewer rich people in America.

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