• yes they do

    yes, i think that if they wanted then they could do a lot to define a marriage, such as how many times that you can get married and other things like that. I think that a lot needs to be done to so that people get married when the need to.

  • Yes, the government has the power to define marriage.

    The government of a country has the right and power to define just what exactly a marriage is in terms of its definition. I think that the government should however base their decision on what the majority of their citizens want and believe marriage should be about instead of appeasing the minority.

  • Yes, I think the Government has the power to define marriage.

    I think the Government should be able to determine what is considered a marriage and what is not since there are numerous tax benefits for married couples. I think the Governments needs to set standards on what exactly is acceptable to get married to otherwise things could get crazy with people marrying family members or animals.

  • The government does not have the power to define marriage.

    No, the government does not have in its authority the power to define marriage. They have actually have the power to determine what constitutes a legal union (of people, of businesses, etc.). Why do people even think the government has the ability to say whether or not their relationship is legitimate at all?

  • That is ridiculous.

    Giving the government the power to determine something so personal as this? No. No way. They don't have the right. It's absolutely insane! Because a lot of people would then outlaw same-sex marriage and things like that. No one type of marriage should be illegal or better than another. No way.

  • It never did and it never should

    The idea is that we need to redefine the constitution to allow for the words "one man and one woman", but since the words are not there, there never HAS been a legal definition of marriage. It should be between two consenting adults, to compensate for the times that have changed since homosexuality was first not widely understood.

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