• I do agree.

    Ok lets really think about this. It's only 1% of tax money going towards public art. That 1% isn't stopping world hunger or curing cancer? If we really need more money for schools and hospitals, take it off something else. People building and creating art is a sign of a good city or town which has a positive effect on where ever. The more art attracts tourist, who are just spending there money on the places near by which is only helping the place make more money. Let alone the people who want to live in such a happy, special, unique town. Its helping the place make money! Public art isn't doing anyone any harm. Using public fund for art projects does have value in our society.

  • I Think We Should

    I believe the government should fund more public art pieces. History has provided us with some beautiful pieces of art but the only reason these pieces were created was due to the fact that they were funded by governing bodies. Without this funding less art is made and that is a fact.

  • Yes, fund more public art pieces.

    I do think the government should fund more public art pieces. The reason for this is because it makes an entire space look brighter and more vibrant and draws more tourism. Just imagine all the blight you could cover with government-funded art pieces. They may even drive up property value.

  • Show it off

    Yes, I think that the government should fund more art pieces to be hung up in places that the general public can go and view them. This will let more author's works be well known by the general population, instead of just art enthusiasts knowing all about the authors works.

  • Art should be done for Art.

    Public Art pieces are Iconic. The only expense that may be justified for public art pieces is material. The Artist will be memorialized in the piece. If it has the impact that the developers intend, then the artist will gain free publicity every day that the piece is up. This is in an age where Advertising is a massive multi-billion dollar industry. That should be enough incentive for an artist.

  • Put money for art sculptures towards national debt instead.

    The government should not fund more public art pieces. The government should stay out of arts all together and leave that to private donations of individuals. The arts are too frivolous of a thing to pay attention to when the country is in such high debt. They should just put the money towards our national debt instead.

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