Do you believe the government (yes) or the private sector (no) should be more involved in disaster preparedness?

  • The government is the only agency capable of large scale assistance.

    Entities in the private sector have less resources at their disposal than the government has at its disposal. If needed, multiple private sector entities could cooperate. However, the integrated nature of the government is such that cooperation is more efficient. Private sector entities would normally not be qualified to request military assistance, for example. Since the military is a part of the government, such assistance, when requested, would be much more efficient.

  • Government should be involved.

    When you look at the private sector, you see businesses. And the reality about businesses is that they're cut throat, and many of them fail--most do, actually. So it must be government who addressed problems such as disaster preparadness. If charity could solve it, charity already would have solved it.

  • Problems Solved Locally

    I believe the private sector should be more involved in disaster preparedness. I think the people and the community they live in should be prepared for disasters. We shouldn't rely on the government to save us because of a natural disaster. It is great that the government implements programs for such things, but it shouldn't be the only resource.

  • Private does it better.

    I believe that the government should be less involved than the private sector in disaster preparedness, because the government did not do a very good job with Hurricane Katrina. With the private sector, the response time is so much faster. Also, the private sector has more incentive to be expedient and judicious with money.

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