Do you believe The Guardian should be blocked by the Parliament from parliamentary proceedings?

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  • It is a right.

    The Guardian should not be blocked by the Parliament from parliamentary proceedings. It is a decent newspaper and it should be given the right to speak and be presented in Parliament as it needs to. In addition, there hasn't been enough proof to show that not blocking them would cause danger to others.

  • No, I don't think The Guardian should be blocked from parliamentary proceedings.

    I think that The Guardian is a popular news organization and should be allowed equal accessed to Parliamentary Proceedings just like every other network, I don't think the Government should be barring legitimate organizations from the proceedings just because they disagree with what they write or the quality of what they write.

  • Government Should be Open

    The British government should be more open in its proceedings. I understand that the United Kingdom may not have the same freedom of the press as the United States in terms of government accountability. However, we live in a free society where taxpayers deserve to be better informed of what their government does.

  • No, the job of the press is to monitor the government

    While the press cannot be allowed to have access to all proceedings, they must be allowed access to everything possible so they can inform citizens about what the government is doing. This is the reason the United States felt freedom of the press was so important and guaranteed its protection by law.

  • Blocking The Guardian would be tantamount to censorship.

    Blocking The Guardian from parliamentary proceedings would be tantamount to censorship because it would deny access to government procedures. Denying access to such proceedings also suggests that something shady or corrupt may be going on. In the interest of remaining transparent, The Guardian should be allowed to have access to parliamentary proceedings.

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