Do you believe the Harvey Milk Foundation does good work to follow up with his ideologies ?

  • Yes, i do.

    Yes. I believe that they do. Their mission and goal is "to empower local, regional, national and global organizations so that they may fully realize the power of Harvey Milk’s story, style, and
    collaborative relationship building" I have never seen or found anything to indicate that they are doing anything in opposition to this.

  • Yes It Does

    The Harvey Milk Foundation was put together by Harvey Milk's family and his campaign manager to help support LGBT community and I believe the do good work to help support his ideologies. The foundation has been going since 2009, a relatively short amount of time, and has helped bring awareness to international platforms.

  • Yes, he was a brave man.

    Just a few years ago, life for gay people, especially gay men, was very difficult and not accepted. In fact, persecution was rampant. Harvey Milk was a brave man in San Francisco who changed things there and began change throughout the United States. The Foundation carries on his legacy, for instance in advocating for gay marriage.

  • He is making the world a better place.

    Like he says on his website, the Harvey Milk Foundation strives to make the world a better place and without hate. He does good work to actually take action to put this into practice. The foundation encourages people to live a life that is bold, just the way that Harvey Milk would have wanted him to do.

  • The Harvey Milk Foundation has its own agenda.

    Harvey Milk only served a year as the first elected openly gay person. That was a huge step, undoubtedly. His message was that all people should be equal. The foundation that claims his name only supports LBGT people. That is not equality. Harvey Milk would also intend the foundation to support those that want to hold public office. If the foundation wants to honor his legacy, then give him a legacy that supports his aspirations. Bring more LBGT into office, and the result is more people sympathetic to the LBGT cause in key places. That would be what he wanted. Not some lobby group.

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