Do you believe the Health Care bill is right for the country?

  • There are problems but it is overall good.

    There are certainly problems when it comes to the health care law, but overall it is a good law for the country. People being able to get insurance coverage who previously couldn't due to preexisting conditions is amazing. They also got rid of life term limits as well as the ability to drop you when you get sick. A lot of good things.

  • Health care should be available to all

    Yes, I believe that the Health Care bill is right for the country. Other countries such as Canada have been providing health care for their people for decades. In the end having health care for all will be cheaper because more people are able to receive preventive health care and counter act the surprise diseases that cost more when they are not detected.

  • We need affordable health care

    Insurance is so costly and getting medical care without it is even more expensive. The ACA is not perfect, but our current system is so broken. We need more access to insurance and more access to care. Going to the emergency room is a huge expense and people who have no access to care or clincs are clogging the hospitals when they could seek treatment earlier if they had the ability to do so.

  • Yes, we have needed this for a long time.

    I've heard of to many people being screwed over by Health insurance companies when they desperately need some sort of operation. Denying someone coverage because of preexisting conditions, or through some sort of loophole, is disgusting. Especially when you take into account the fact that we are talking about people's lives and health.

  • A Health Care bill is absolutely right for this country.

    Our country desperately needs a Health Care bill. Far to many of this fine country's citizens are without adequate health insurance. As it stands now, if a person has a pre-existing condition, that person cannot get health insurance from a private company. Most people have a natural aversion to change, but change is desperately needed, so everyone can receive health care coverage.

    Posted by: ThinDanny
  • No it does more harm than good

    I don't think the health care bill is good for this country. I think it does a lot more harm than it does good. The problem is all the bad it does is hidden in the background. The bill does help some people but in the long run it will hurt way more then it helps.

  • Starting to doubt it

    I was in favor of the Affordable Care Act and I still don't doubt it had good intentions, but the execution of it has certainly called into question how beneficial it is. At this point, it's the best attempt at addressing a completely broken healthcare system that we have, but that doesn't quantify it as good.

  • Do you really want our federal government running your health care?

    While I agree health costs are skyrocketing out of control and something needs to be done about it, (which is another debate in itself) do you really think the federal government, with its dismal record of one fiasco after another and top heavy bureaucracies, is capable of running an enormously huge system like national health care? Virtually every government agency there is now is run in the red and they're proposing the addition of what will surely be one of the biggest bureaucracies in our history; staffed by government workers whom, for the most part, will be there for one reason and one reason only, to collect their extravagant government pensions. These are people who can barely agree on anything and we're going to trust them with our health care? I'd rather not, thank you. Our health care system is bad enough as it is, we certainly don't need government sticking its nose into it. They will only make it a bigger mess.

    We are already paying for those without health insurance now through exorbitant hospital costs because hospitals cannot, by law, turn someone away just because they can't pay. They have to make up those costs somewhere. The concept of government running health care so as to keep greed and corruption in check is appealing, but if you think it will really turn out that way, then you're certainly naïve. Why do you think our elected officials voted themselves the option of opting out if it's such a great system? All you have to do is go into any county hospital. They're dirty and unorganized and that's our government in action folks. That's just a small scale glimpse into what government run health will be like. Can you imagine every hospital in the country being like that? I shudder to think about it.

    Then we have dingbats like Nancy Pelosi saying we have to pass the bill to see what's in it. That's insanity. I've never heard a more preposterous, asinine, dim witted statement in my life. Besides all that, the socialist in the White House right now knows the first step to government control is to get everyone dependant on the government and the socialist/government takeover of health care is a big step in getting there. So I believe the Affordable Health Care Act is absolutely wrong for the country.

  • No.

    National health care has already failed in other countries. We should learn from other people's mistakes. National health care will destroy the economy, and considering it already pretty much is, this is a very bad idea. It's also wrong because this health care bill is forcing us to use it. We should be free to choose which health care we want, not simply the one supplied by the government. It will also seriously raise everyone's taxes.

  • The Health Care Bill is not right for this country because it promised to reduce health care costs, and health care costs have risen.

    The Health Care Bill is not right for this country because it promised to reduce health care costs, and health care costs have risen. The Health Care Bill promised to reduce health care insurance costs, and health care insurance premiums have risen. The Health Care Bill is the first step to socialized medicine in this country. It costs an employer approximately $3,500 to provide health care insurance, but the fine for not providing insurance is only $700. The employer can save $2,800, per employee, per year, by not providing health care insurance and just paying the fine.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • No, because the plan may cost businesses and citizens too much money.

    While a health care plan is needed, I think the execution of the one that passed isn't what was needed. The plan may cost businesses and citizens too much money and, in this time of serious economic issues, that is the last thing this country needs.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86

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