Do you believe the herd instinct is a help (yes) or a hindrance (no) to modern society?

  • Modern Society Herd Instinct

    I personally think that herd instinct is a help because of the modern life we see the herd instinct in politics, where nationalism was separated that made the modern society politics to come together. I personally think that herd instinct has helped because the herd instinct has helped their people.

  • It capitalizes on information.

    Yes, I believe that the herd instinct is a help in modern society, because it helps us capitalize on information, and it helps direct us to the right outcome. Herds of cattle help each other stay safe. People tend to copy what others have done for a reason, and that is because it has been successful.

  • Yes, the herd instinct is importnat to modern society.

    Yes, the herd instinct is vital to modern society because it is the impetus for creating non-profits that improve the lives of others. Providing food and shelter to those who have none improves communities, both from a morale and from an aesthetic standpoint. Without the herd instinct- that desire to help others who are suffering- more people would die of hunger and exposure in the streets.

  • It's a hinderence.

    While the whole group effort thing is emphasized at work more and more, society is largely designed for the individual to fend for themselves and make it in the world. it's very individualistic. A herd mentality doesn't work, because you really can't rely on others for the most important things.

  • I don't believe it is a help, too many people aren't the brightest.

    Mob mentality or herd instinct can be a help as far as continuation of the species, but really doesn't help individuals develop. When herd mentality is employed, people don't think for themselves and can easily follow stupid decisions. By nurturing individuality, collectively as a whole we become more knowledgeable and therefore better equipped to make appropriate decisions.

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