Do you believe the ideas perpetuated by Philip J. Klass helped (yes) or harmed (no) UFO researchers?

  • I Think He Helped

    I believe the ideas perpetuated by Philip J. Klass helped UFO researchers more than he harmed them. Klass is known for pointing out that there are a lot of fraudulent UFO sightings and to me that is the total truth. When looking at some of these incidents, even the videos we have now, they aren't real.

  • No, Klass' ideas did not hurt UFO researchers.

    I do not think that the ideas perpetuated by Philip J. Klass did not hurt UFO researchers. A lot of his idea and beliefs were just as out there as most UFO researchers. So I don't see how he can be criticized any more than some of the other UFO researcher with ideas that are just as farfetched.

  • Not at all

    He totally ignored evidence and when he was proven wrong he resorted to the lying routine totally ignoring evidence is not the way to go and sometimes makes him seem like a fool he totally discredited people much smarter than him he was actually the reason that a brilliant scientist killed himself in 1971 if you want to be a skeptic that's a good thing but a debunker is Ludacris especially if you ignore evidence or call people Liars with no evidence that they're lying

  • Klass makes UFO researchers look ridiculous.

    The ideas perpetuated by Philip J. Klass have harmed UFO researchers. This is because people already have doubts about UFOs. And when someone comes along who has a big voice in the media, they can encourage or debunk whatever they want to. Poeple as a result will then believe them.

  • Did not harm the UFO researchers

    Even though I do not believe in the ideas perpetuated by Philip J. Klass, I also do not believe that it harmed the UFO researchers. People are going to have different opinions and research when it comes to almost anything, it does not mean that they are harming other peoples research.

  • Little is helping

    There is nothing to do to help UFO research because UFO research is a fruitless waste of time for people. UFOs are not real and, considering that for the past few years people have been carrying cameras around everywhere in the world, by now, if there were real UFOs, people would know.

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