• Yes, of course.

    The aim of the organization is to preserve the culture of the Romani people and to fight for their rights. While people could argue that they are not effective, the world is an ever evolving place. As it evolves so will the focus of the organization. So, in essence, the organization is still effective as long as it serves the people it was organized to serve.

  • This union is not effective

    The International Romani union is not effective anymore. They use to be very effective but they have not changed with the political winds and now they can not adjust well to the environment that they have to work in. It would take a major change in the skills and attitudes of the people for it to work.

  • No and it never has been

    I personally believe that the union has never really done anything to further the cause of the Romani people. The Romani are still persecuted in many nations and face many problems with discrimination. Perhaps things would be even worse if the Union did not exist, but I don't think they really accomplish much.

  • Romani have a lot of image issues and the organization does not help enough.

    The International Romani Union is not still effective. The Romani have image issues, and the Union is not very helpful in actually decreasing the negativity of the image. If the organization could do more do merge politically with people who are popular in office, this would help the Romani Union and the Roman themselves become more successful.

  • No, its not effective

    I think there is too much going on in the world for people to view this as an effective way to the betterment of the culture. I think back in 1978 when it came around, it was fine,but that was decades ago and now things have changed, people don't need things like this with toady's technology.

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