Do you believe the Internet brings out the best (yes) or worst (no) in humanity?

  • Internet brings out the best in people, and allows them to learn from others

    I think that the internet brings out the best in people. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but I think in general the internet allows people to connect with other types of people they may not know in real life, giving them a chance to share life experiences, and gain a better understanding of people living in different circumstances. It creates a generation of people who are more tolerant to change and differences in opinion, both things that reflect well on society offline as well as online.

  • People bring on hateful and judgemental characterteristics

    Many times I see on the internet that people bring out the worst about them on the Internet. Especially on sites without real names or pictures like YouTube, people get extremely hateful knowing they have anonymity. It's really sad because people treat others horribly and don't feel bad about it because they don't know that person in real life or know that they can't find out who they really are. For some people perhaps, they are just words and letters on the screen without them realizing to full extent that they are the same human beings with feelings just like me and you. It's sad really, but all of us will end up being judged for our works here on earth and hope the people can change their ways and start being kind to one another again. God loves all sinners but hates the sin.

  • No, the Internet brings out the bully and coward in many people.

    While wondrous and magical, the Internet provides the perfect mask for bullies to hide behind. It also allows groups of bullies to gang up on one person. Words can be far more painful than blows and the Internet allows users to say whatever they want with virtually no consequence in many cases. This perfect storm brings out the worst in people.

  • The internet is a means of humanity exploring its worst side

    The invention of the internet has given humanity the fastest and easiest way of spreading hate. Before the invention of the internet, it would have been impossible to reach millions of people at once with radical political and religious hate propaganda. People would have been unable to share their stories promoting self-harm and anorexia. Cruelty to animals and abuse of other people would not have been able to have been shared with others around the world in seconds.

  • No, the Internet brings out the worst in humanity.

    No, in many cases the Internet brings out the worst in humanity. The Internet has inspired a group of criminals who prey on unwitting users. E-mail fraud is rampant, and viruses abound on the Internet. Predators of many types enjoy the anonymous nature of the internet, The internet has become unsafe for many honest people, and especially for children, because of the predators that lurk there.

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vinter says2014-04-04T08:48:40.900
Both, definitely.
Joker18 says2014-11-18T03:50:35.400
Kinda both actually.