Do you believe the internet does more harm than good?

Asked by: CleverGirl
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  • It is arguably the greatest invention of humanity.

    The internet is an absolutely brilliant and amazing tool. You have access to free information. I personally google things probably 15 times a day just to learn. All the information that humanity has accumulated is there. It makes it hard to conceal the truth because there are people who would do that. It gives everyone a level playing field where anyone can voice an opinion, even if they are wrong or crazy or lying. You can learn both sides of an issue easily and make your own conclusions. I have high hopes that humanity will use the internet to grow and evolve and work out it's issues. It connects everyone like never before. I suppose one could argue that people spend too much time on it. But really who is to say what one "should" be doing with their time? You could also say that terrorists use it to organize or that the government uses it to spy on people or hackers do harm with it, but the good outweighs the bad absolutely hands down. It is miraculous. 100 years ago people couldn't even fathom that we would have something like this. It makes me think about the things we will have in 100 years that I can't fathom now.

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