Do you believe the Internet is a good forum for theatres to show their work?

  • It is good way to reach other viewers

    Yes, I believe that the internet is a good forum for theaters to show their work. The internet is a good way to show your work, theaters or other art, to some people that would otherwise never see the work. It is a good way to make money from those that can not afford to go to the work, but still wants to take in the work.

  • Yes, people are watching more on line.

    These days fewer people are going to theatre to watch performances and films, but they are streaming things on their computers and probably watching more than ever. So theatres need to rethink the way they offer their productions to the public and the internet may be the way to go.

  • People will say there is nothing like live

    There is nothing like live theatre on the internet. The fact is that it doesn't need to be like live theatre on the internet, it just needs to be a preview. There is a basis to say that it shouldn't be on film or DVD either, but the fact is that the money making is at the theatre, and DVD's for theatre aren't doing so well. The internet could be an easy way to introduce people to theatre and get them to shows.

  • Yes, the internet is a worldwide database.

    The Internet can be good for any theme of work or profession anywhere in the entire world. People should have the ability, and the freedom at that, to do whatever they want, and with that, the Internet is great for almost anything. It is a universal tool for the world to use.

  • Yes! We can watch all the plays we want

    I think the Internet is a great platform for theater. There are so many plays I'd like to attend, but I can't; in that case, I wouldn't mind paying a small fee to watch the show online. It would help the theater, too, and the actors would not feel like once the season is over, their hard work is gone.

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