• Internet is contrlled by democrats

    The internet is mostly controlled by democrats because the large, powerful companies that run the internet are led by democrats. Most of the businesses in silicon Valley are headed by liberal men. Most news organizations that are on the web are headed by democrats. But democrats will not be able to rid republics from the net.

  • I have been blocked by Facebook for posting a conservative view

    Facebook blocked me for posting that "you can not change your chromosomes. If you were born with a xy chromosome, No matter what surgery you have, You will always have a xy chromosome". They blocked me for hate speech. I was again blocked for saying "Trump has done alot of good things that the news never has brought up. Please do your own research, Don't believe news or social media's".

  • Because it pushes mass media agenda and new agencies.

    If you go online trying to find info supporting Republicans side it's almost impossible, But when you look into the democratic side of things it's endless, And to add if you try to find info about how democratic news is narcissistic and minipulitive you can't but rather tons of negative info about Republicans side will pop up. All of us Americans that have command Sense can see all this false shit they ain't fooling nobody but the dumbasses.

  • Dems destroying America

    Liberals are hateful and trying to take America down. I believe they don't support American values and have no high moral or standards. Their refusal to support our elected President is part of their attempts to trash our country. They seem to have no interest in helping to improve America.

  • No, the internet is not controlled by the Democrats.

    I do not believe that the Internet is controlled by the Democrats. I think that while there is a lot of liberally biased articles and information available on the Internet, there are also conservative based articles and information on the web. I think that there is something for everybody on the Internet regardless of political association.

  • I Hope Not

    I do not believe the Internet is controlled by the Democrats. I believe the Internet is an open source, for the most part, and I feel it should remain that way. I do think the government is over exercising it's rights on the Internet and affecting the Internet in unnatural ways.

  • No, it is not

    This is a silly question, in my opinion. The internet is world-wide, in every single country; even the poorest and most ruined of countries. To think one political party in one country has control of it sounds like a quacky conspiracy theory with absolutely no backing whatsoever. The Dems don't control the 'net.

  • No, I don't believe the Internet is controlled by Democrats.

    I don't believe either Republicans or Democrats control the Internet, the Internet at the time is not really controlled or governed by anyone, anyone can create a web page and put their thoughts and opinions on it or sell their products, no Governmental party has control over something like that.

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