• The internet is bad

    Yes, it might be fun in all and I'm not saying that the internet should be totally banned and discarded, but I think it is safe is people use it safely an correctly, but they don't. Girls could get set trafficked, people could get hacked, kids can give out personal info that could lead to calling 911. The internet is a very unsafe place for all ages in my opinion.

  • In some respects

    The internet is not in danger of dying or becoming obsolete, but people encounter major risks online. Recent privacy considerations make cause for concern. Other issues like cyber hacking and computer terrorism put individuals, businesses and the nation at risk. At the sme time, the free flow of information make the world a better place.

  • Not the Internet...

    It's not the Internet that's in danger, but we're in danger of taking it for granted and allowing all of our personal information in the hands of corporations that willingly admit they do not care for us. However, the information that will tell us what to wary of is still all here on the Internet.

  • No more than it always hads been

    There will always be threats to are way of life. Most problems about the Internet have already been brought to light. We know about hackers, trolls, government spying, corporate spying and sharing of personal information. Some of these issues have been addressed. We are just going to have to be careful of other problems.

  • No, the Internet is not in danger.

    I do not believe the Internet is in danger. As much as people want to worry about governments censoring the Internet, or corporations wanting to limit how much people can access, I believe the fears are a bit hyped. I think people have nothing to worry about. The Internet will continue on the way it is.

  • There is no danger.

    No, the Internet is not in any real danger from anyone or anything. People are constantly moaning about how governments are trying to kill the Internet with regulations. But what they forget is that the Internet is still very young, and it went from having little to no regulations for very long.

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