• I think we should blame Israel people for the war in palastine.

    Israel people took palastine and palastine was a existing country. And they should not blame Palestinians or the country's around palastine.And I will not hurt anyone because we can get peace with out violence. If I can try and convince the Israel people to stop attacking palastine we can have peace and we can share our country together.

  • They are as much to blame

    This subject really frustrates me. Being an American, you can never say anything bad about Israel .If you do the right wing will jump down your throat. I am going to criticize Israel anyway. If Israel would just start seeing the Palestinians as people and give them a place of their own to call home, much of this conflict could go away. They just want some so called, "holy land," too. Turn it into and economic win for everyone.

  • Arab non stop violence is to blame

    With peace anyone can live and pray anywere.
    The violence will continue at the whims of the Arab world.... And against the prayers of the Israelis.
    Pray for peace and try to foster communication between both sides.
    Placing blame only incourages more hate and violence.
    Don't buy the lies..... Peace

  • No both groups are at fault

    No both groups are at fault in the problem. They need to stop blaming each other and come together and learn to get over their differences in this life. Communication is a two way street in this type of situation and it can be ironed out without the use of war with each other.

  • No, the Israelis should not be blamed for all the conflict.

    I do not think that the Israelis should be solely blamed for the Israeli-Palestine conflict. I think that the conflict is the fault of both sides of the spectrum. There are a lot of reasons for the conflict and I think both sides have a lot of fault with it.

  • There's plenty of blame to go around

    The Israeli-Palestine conflict is as old as Western History. This is a problem as old as civilization. I think that the fundamental problem has to do with human nature rather than the actions of one ethnic group. There has been violence on both sides. The rhetoric is such that each party is inclined not to trust the other. The problem seems as if it will never end. I don't think the two parties between themselves are capable of resolving this. It will require input from the World powers.

  • Israelis are not to blame for Palestine.

    Israelis are three generations removed from those that even claimed Israel in the first place. The people really to blame were the world leaders that just decided to cut them a piece of the planet. This was done with little care for history or even who might be living in that area currently. The Israelis took advantage of the gift, and palestine is feeling not-so-friendly on account of them being kicked out.

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