• I believe the journalism code of ethics should be more strict.

    I believe the journalism code of ethics should be more strict. In order for information and knowledge to be disseminated accurately there must be a strict code of ethics that journalists must follow. Journalists should be morally obligated to report all news whether or not that news is favorable or unfavorable to the political establishment of a country or municipality.

  • Code should be stronger

    The journalism code of ethics should certainly be more strict. Many journalists today do not have strict ethics and the journalism industry is suffering because of this. The public has a very low view of journalists and they do not trust them at all. This needs to change and a stricter code would help.

  • Yes, it should be

    The journalism code of ethics should be a lot more strict, and the area in which it needs to be the most strict, is bias. There are far too many journalists now with slanted bias and opinion pieces. Give us the news, give us the facts, but save your slant and bias.

  • Disobeying our duties

    Many journalists working for major publications are being outed on a pretty radically high basis for being connected to certain lobbyists, and the editors for these publications are also being revealed to have specific ulterior motives for publishing puff pieces and hit pieces alike. These people are not journalists, but advertisers.

  • Nobody would follow it.

    No, I do not believe that the journalism code of ethics should be more strict, because people do not follow the code that we have in place now. Dan Rather and his reporting on George W. Bush is a perfect example of this. We all know that journalists just try to advance their political agendas.

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