Do you believe the justice system should be retributive (yes) or distributive (no)?

  • Retributive or Distributive

    I personally think that retributive would be a better way to handle crimes as well as the justice system. I personally think that the justice system should be retributive because every crime should be should even if its not that much evidence. I personally think that since the government has a lot to do with the justice system it should be retributive to make things better for the society.

  • Distributive Doesn't Make Sense

    Distributive justice has to do with the socially just distribution of goods in a society, and car furthermore be defined as the perceived fairness of the distribution across society. Retributive justice considers punishment for crimes. Personally, I don't see how the justice system could be distributive seeing that it really has little to do with the justice system as we know it today.

  • Retributive systems prevent even more crime from happening.

    The judicial system should be retributive. This is because people need to pay for their crimes with time in prison, fines, and of course in extreme cases, the death pentalty. Having a retributive system allows the government to deal with these problems in a way that deters even more crime from happening.

  • Eye for an eye

    I think that the justice system should be more aimed at retributive justice. This focuses more on the thoughts and ideas of an eye for an eye, and if you do something bad then something bad is about to be done to you. I think this is the best method.

  • I don't believe they should be retributive.

    I don't believe that the jail system in the United States should focus and fixate so much on retribution for criminals. I think that the prison system is terribly overcrowded. If there are prisoners sitting in jail who have been evaluated often by doctors and deemed a non danger to society and have served a decent amount of time, then they can and should be rehabilitated and let back into society.

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