Do you believe the Kennedy assassinations of 1963 and 1968 were preventable by using better security measures?

  • Layers of Swiss cheese.

    This is simple error management, you put in place a safety measure to stop a problem (our first layer of cheese), but this will have holes in it, so we must place another layer of cheese to block up the hole, and this process repeats until you have all the wholes blocked. This would only fail if the person in charge did so, but they'd have a layer of cheese to stop their errors, so by definition more protection would mean the president would be alive.

  • Yes, I believe the assassinations could have been prevented with better security.

    I believe that both Kennedy assassinations could have been prevented had they had today's weapons and technology. The world was a more trusting place then. Today we have learned not to be so trusting. In today's world, the areas would have been cordoned off, swept by the military and snipers on every roof top for miles around. The vehicles would have been armor plated. Nothing would have been left to chance.

  • Yes it is possible.

    It is hard to say one way or another, but I guess if we had way better security than the assassination would not have happened to Kennedy. It is sad to think about that though. It has happened and past and all we can do is prevent that from happening again.

  • No, the assassinations could not have been prevented.

    If there were have been better security measures it would have not made a difference. If you have a figurehead out in the open like that, it gives anyone who wishes to take that individuals life ample opportunity to kill them. We should focus on putting some kind of better protection around our President, rather than just beefing up security around him/her. Not that security isn't good, but there should be better protections than stuff like bullet proof glass and secret service.

  • No, protecting world leaders perfectly is impossible

    Surely all well-known politicians accept that they might die
    in office. It is not possible to plan for every eventuality. Some terrorists
    are insanely determined, and some unstable people are utterly unpredictable.
    Security forces make it their pride to protect the world’s great leaders, but
    sometimes the job just cannot be done. President Kennedy died in office because
    the evil of his assassin overcame the best efforts of countless trained and dedicated

  • You can only have so much security.

    I don't believe the Kennedy assassinations of 1963 and 1968 were preventable by using better security measures. At some point if a person makes others angry enough, even on level where the person is somewhat a neutral leader, someone will still try to act on a vendetta against them. A person can only have so much security 24/7.

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