• Leaders Ought to Lead

    The United States has traditionally been seen as a leader when it comes to making the right moral decision. Whether or not this is justified, the US has an obligation to set a good example for moral decisions. Ratification of he Kyoto Protocol is an absolutely moral decision and it's utterly embarrassing that the United States has yet to sign it. Politics aside, emissions have been proven time and again to lead to the disastrous effects of global warming and it's the United States' duty as a world power to take a stand in reducing them.

  • Yes, I agree that the Kyoto Protocal Should be signed and ratified by the United States.

    I believe that the primary goal of every government should be to protect the environment, rather than to focus simply on GDP and other various economic indicators. The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement to cut back emissions produced by a countries industry. It does have an adverse effect on a countries GDP however, I do not believe that is an excuse not to sign and ratify it.

  • Kyoto should go away

    The Kyoto Protocol is very harmful for industrialized nations and if it was enacted, the quality of life around the world would decrease dramatically. It would take peoples freedoms away too because it would give much more power and authority to the governments to take peoples way of life away.

  • The United States

    I personally agree,One of the biggest problems with the treaty is the fact that it has not been ratified by the United States, a country that emits 35% of the world’s greenhouse gases according to the Annex I of the Kyoto Protocol. Although the Kyoto Protocol may be enforced without the United States ratification, this is a significant amount of the planet's emissions.President William J. Clinton signed the Kyoto Protocol, but did not ratify it, while President G.W. Bush eliminated the signature completely. Clinton believed that a nation-wise approach with a target in mind to reduce greenhouse gases was the best way to deal with human activity-induced climate change issues.

  • No, I don't believe the Kyoto Protocol should be signed and ratified by the United States.

    I believe that while global warming is a serious issue to deal with I don't believe the United States should be signing an agreement created by the UN, I believe any steps taken by the United States to reduce carbon emissions should be drafted and tailored specifically for the United States, not a global solution like the Kyoto Protocol.

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