Do you believe the listeria scare will have an impact on food safety guidelines?

  • Food Safety Should Be More Stringent

    Historically, anytime you see a widespread outbreak of a foodborne illness, you see the FDA and other governing organizations crack down on food safety guidelines. I believe that this particular case will be no different, and that new policies will arise in coming month to prevent another instance of Listeria outbreak.

  • Listeria scares will impact food safety guidelines

    I think the recent listeria scares will impact food safety guidelines by adding stronger safety measures in food inspection, especially since there have been listeria scares in multiple companies lately. Since the listeria contaminations have been linked to death, I believe the impact will definitely be seen in food safety guidelines.

  • Listeria Scare Will Impact Food Safety Guidelines

    The recent listeria scare does an excellent job of underscoring the necessity for stricter food safety guidelines in this country. People actually died as a result of listeria recently, and this should serve as a wake up to Americans that our food is not nearly as safe as it should be.

  • The listeria scare will not have an impact

    The listeria scare will not have an impact. This is because food scares come and go. Companies and the government will make a few statements and then the scare will pass. Just like with the peanut butter scare a few years ago, where hundreds of thousands of jars were tainted, nothing changed.

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