Do you believe the lottery is good for society (yes) or bad for society (no)?

  • I love the lottery

    The lottery is good for society because the lottery is worth sometime lots and lots of money ok and yes I think that the lottery is good for society ok and it is not bad for the society the lottery is good for the society ok ok ok good bye

  • Gambling leads to loss

    At the end of the day the winner will always be the lotto organization. They always come on top. In the cases lotto is controlled by the government and the winnings are used for “societal” causes, It still creates a systemic problem of gambling. The people who gamble in the lotto keep gambling, Which creates a lower quality of life for the household. This generally leads to problems at the family level. While the state may, For example, Be re-investing in education they are creating problems at home for the kids who attend the school by lowering their economic status and creating this gambling addiction.

  • Good one. Stop smoking and play

    Now a days some schools also doing the lotto system for admission for kids, also we have bad habits like drinking and smoking. Its also dangerous for us and the society. Instead will stop for one week, and play , if win good, if not , will give it for good cause ,education, ultimate there is a limit for everything. Even food also we take more problem for us,same like lottery. EVERYTHING IN THE LIMIT FINE.

  • It is good for people

    Looking first at the amount of money spent on education and state funding, according to flalottery.Com, $29 billion dollars has gone to education since 1988. For example, this year $114 million dollars is going to education. Since 1987, $679,319,448.00 dollars has gone to education in Polk county, Fl. This example clearly shows that the funds from the purchase of tickets go to a good cause and help education thrive and improve their lives. From this, it can be concluded that overall, lottery tickets are a good idea.

  • Yes, its fine

    It gives the average person something to hope for. The people that take it to the next level are the ones to watch out for though. I don't think its okay for the people who can't control themselves. I doubt buying all your tickets really helps your odds in winning the money.

  • Lottery makes you dream

    One thing about the Lottery is that it is it's a good thing. One thing that is great about it, is the fact it can make you dream at least for a few minutes. Most of people know that we will never win anything but it is awesome to take a minute or two, to think what it would be like if we won. Also it does help schools, and that's always a good thing.

  • It gives people hope

    Even though 99.9 percent of people will never win the lottery. It gives the hope of, what if I did win the lotto? What would I do with the money? Where would I go? It gives people something to dream about and brightens their day for a minute. Sometimes that is all we need to make it through the day.

  • The lottery is bad

    For society to prosper it needs the individuals within it to contribute to the best of their abilities and they should be rewarded according to their relative contribution. Lotteries provide an unjust reward for those that have done nothing to deserve it and a dicencentivises hard work. The lottery acts to dumb down society and encourage laziness

  • Increases inequality in a random way

    Lottery does the opposite of what society should be striving for - by taking money from many people and giving it to one in a random way, you make everyone slightly poorer and one person very rich. Random concentration of wealth, based on no merit or deserving it. Not only are you increasing inequality (bad for society on many levels) but you are also giving it to someone randomly who may not be the most needy. People keep saying it's good because it helps schools but remember the lottery isn't actually producing anything, money isn't being created, it's just being redistributed. Many people are paying in which is no different to paying your taxes, which is how schools should be funded. But with the only difference that some of the money goes to people buying Ferraris rather than all of it to beneficial things. It's also a phoney argument to use the side benefit of a scheme as a justification for the whole scheme, regardless of the negative effects of that scheme. An example would be to suggest that rising crime rates were a good thing because of all the cheap prison labour it brings about. Clearly that's not a good argument so neither is saying the lottery as a whole is a good thing purely because it has one side benefit of giving money to schools.

  • You are 10 times more likely to get hit by lightning than to win the lottery. A dream is attainable and makes life better.

    For most people life doesn't become better wishing for excessive amounts of money. It is one of those things that when you look at it individually it shouldn't be a big deal. The reality is that it is mostly funded by the poor and the desperate. There are some who play just for fun and can afford it, but not most which makes it a scheme that contributes to poverty while doing nothing to improve society.

  • 1.3 Billion dollars?

    Doubled the cost and decreased the odds. They hope to keep rolling over the money so the can make even more money investing the money it brings. Preys on the poor and desperate. Government is running a casino where the house always wins but they will also fine you for playing a neighborhood poker game for money.

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  • No, I believe it's bad for society.

    Personally, I believe that the lottery is bad for society. Playing the lottery is a form of gambling, and can be addictive. Another thing that has happened is that many people who have won have said it ruined their lives. Suddenly, people are asking them for money and they may feel guilted into giving it away. So whether people play or, for the few people who win, it's something that usually isn't beneficial.

  • No the lottery is not good for society.

    No I do not think that the lottery is not good for society. The problem with the lottery is that it is played by people who can least afford to lose money gambling. The lottery offers the dream of being rich with next to impossible odds, 1 in 175 million for the PowerBall Game.

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