Do you believe the majority of vegans and vegetarians are rich people following food fads?

  • YES Vegans are Rich and High Maintenance

    I know 20+ Vegan / Vegetarian people. All of them are rich, And spend ridiculous amounts of time and money on food preparation. Now I LOVE food. . . And also know many non-vegans who spend much time and money on it. However, They use ingredients that are easily accessible to the public. The vegans I know use masses of fancy ingredients that can only be obtained at very pricey natural food stores. Also, They use high-tech equipment that costs a small fortune. On top of that, Each vegan meal seems to take 5x longer to cook than a regular meal. The vegans I know are all wealthy stay-at-home mothers whose only concerns are maintaining a garden, Going to yoga class, And taking their children to and from school. Oh and they also have maids who clean up the ungodly mess they've made with all this cooking. If I had to turn vegan tomorrow, I would eat horrible processed foods and become malnourished, Because I simply don't have the resources and time to keep up with such a high maintenance lifestyle.

  • Vegans vs vegetarians

    I give a tentative yes here, with the caveat that veganism is much more trendy, in my opinion. Veganism requires the consumption of pretty expensive food to meet the protein and calcium requirements of a daily diet. Veganism may also require mire medical attention, depending on the diet vegans adopt.

  • Most vegans and vegetarians are rich people following fads.

    Yes, I believe the majority of those who are vegan or vegetarian are people who are relatively well-off and are only following food fads. Anyone can "not eat meat," but to eat a whole, healthy diet sans meat requires money. Tofu and soy based meat alternatives are actually somewhat expensive. Many poor people out their actually don't get a lot of meat in their diet, but they aren't able to replace the meat with another expensive protein.

  • It's a trend.

    Yes, I believe that the majority of vegans and vegetarians are rich people following food fads, because a poor person would have happy to have a hamburger. A special diet is reserved for someone who is lucky enough to afford it. People who are not rich are happy to have food on the table.

  • Vegetables are far cheaper

    There is the fad. . . Some exploit this as a plant based feel good craze at trendy places, For exorbitant prices. . . Then there is simple, Down to earth, Nutritious and nourishing, From the green grocer and your own stove. . . Add a few nuts, Seeds, Grains and powdered plant milks. . . Not rich

  • Veganisim and vegitarion is a rights movement, not a fad

    Animals deserve their rights, just as we do. We should stop confining them to small areas, and murdering them for sport. Eating meat is a horrible and bloody practice, and it should be considered sinful by all. I am vegetarian, and I am most certainly not rich. Not at all.

  • Veganism is not a fad

    People who are vegan aren't just following a trend. They're not selfish, so they choose not to take other beings' lives. They aren't necessarily rich. I'm not rich and I'm vegan. My staple foods are sweet potatoes, potatoes, and rice. Cheapest food around. You ppl saying veganism is expensive are making it harder for yourselves. And even if it is just a trend, is that a good excuse to continue to support the destruction of the earth through animal agriculture? Is that an excuse to empty the oceans and clear the rainforests of the earth? Everyone should be forced to be vegan, because they choose to be ignorant to what animal agriculture is doing to our earth.

  • Veganism is not a fad diet,

    It is a lifestyle change. A fad diet would be something like, "lose 30 pounds in 30 days with THIS meal plan!" A vegan diet just eliminates certain foods. A rich person can be vegan , but that doesn't mean you need to be rich to be vegan . It could be more or less expansive depending on what you eat, exactly like a normal diet.

  • No, there are many food fads to be followed.

    No, rich people could afford a more exquisite food fad to follow. Being a vegan or vegetarian is more of a belief system than a food fad. If anything vegans are making a statement about the treatment of animals that are mass produced to be slaughtered and then made into food.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe the majority of vegans and vegetarians are rich people following food fads. To actually follow a vegan or vegetarian diet is quite restrictive and quite a bit of a challenge. People may decide to follow these diets for a variety of reasons, but many people stick with it for years or a life time.

  • No, I don't think they're necessarily rich.

    I don't believe that vegans and vegetarians are necessarily rich people. I would assume a lot of them are average, maybe middle class. People who aren't at least middle class would possibly have a difficult time affording the specialized foods that people buy. That being said, yes, I do think they're following a fad diet. While we should be eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables and whole grains, going completely vegan is not what our bodies were designed to be, since we were designed as omnivores.

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