Do you believe the man who survived a shooting due to having a Bible in his front pocket was actually saved by a higher power?

  • Yes, I think so.

    I know the man hadn't started carrying the Bible until about a week before, but he showed that he had a devotion to God in his life. I am sure God was responsible for helping him -- this is a sign of God's active involvement in everyone's lives, even today. It's a sign of mercy to all.

  • A Person Who Carries Around a Bible Makes God a High Priority

    The Bible clearly states that the way to please God is through faith and it more than implies that we human beings need to make God our number one priority. The bus driver who survived a shooting because of the Bible in his pocket clearly thinks God is important enough that he wants to have God's Word constantly available to him. God doesn't stop people from sinning, such as the person who shot the gun. But in the Bible it's clear that God does choose to protect His Own.

  • I doubt it.

    Think of how many people died or were injured in shootings. Many of them were religious, as judging by the extreme amount of religious people on the planet. Why weren't they saved? It's just that the man got lucky. I'm sure many people think that this was meant to happen, but I personally don't believe it.

  • It was merely a coincidence

    A lot of people have been saved from bullets thanks to objects they carried (cellphones and necklaces come to mind). The only difference those events had with this one is the fact that the object this man carried was religiously symbolic, thus being relatable to divinity/divine intervention. If it had been his phone, would it still had been said God saved him?

  • Coincidences happen all the time.

    If you actually set up an experiment where a test group with Bibles in their front pockets and a control group without a Bible were subjected to shootings, THEN it'll be convincing. However, coincidences happen all the time. Say I was eating a bagel when a bomb went off just a block away from where I was. Did the bagel save me?

  • He got lucky; that's all

    First of all, there has to be supporting evidence to back-up the claim that there is a higher power. If there no good evidence, then that the whole story was just pure luck. Heck, he could just put anything holy or important enough inside his pocket and then the news would spread around. I could place my lucky anything and not get shot. Right now, all I have is my wallet inside my pocket, but if I was as lucky as that guy, I would not call my wallet 'holy' or 'miraculous'. That is just down-to-earth nonsense. It would be really cool if a higher power did save him, but sadly, there is no evidence to back it up. So once again, he was just a lucky person; a VERY lucky one.

  • Good and Bad things Happen to Good and Bad People

    Saying that the bible in this mans pocket saved him is preposterous. Far better men and women have been killed, such as, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. By saying that this man was saved by God you are also saying that God let Dr. Martin die. If you want to argue that anything could be gained by his death than go ahead and try. This man was saved by pure chance, not a higher calling.

  • Just Awesome Luck

    I do not believe the man who survived a shooting due to having a Bible in his front pocket was actually saved by a higher power. I believe this is a false association, but it is easy to see why the association would be made. It's merely coincidence, but it's of the type that could change a humans perspective for the rest of their life.

  • No, the similarity of these stories makes them all suspect

    The man saved by a Bible in his pocket makes a great story.
    So does the western lawman saved by the brass star that deflected an outlaw’s
    bullet. However, the best story of this kind concerns a World War II infantryman
    who was saved when a German bullet stopped at the sentence in a love letter
    that said, “My darling, I know you are coming home to me.” These are good
    stories, but the repeated theme makes each impossible to believe.

  • It was not his time to go

    No, I do not believe that a higher power saved the man, but I do believe that it was not determined in his life book that it was his turn to check out. We all have a path and when that path ends we will stop. His path was not at it end section just yet; it was simply not his time and the bible happend to be the thing that told him this.

  • Could be, probably not

    The age old question of if God's exist is probably not going to be decided based on a bible stopping a bullet from killing a man. A higher power may have acted earlier to prevent the shooting from actually happen, but science and physics can probably explain the bullet penetration.

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