Do you believe the marking system (yes) or the grading system (no) is better?

  • We need to know where we are standing

    Then only we can realize what is needed and how can it be fulfilled that's what same goes with marking system. Marks are Supportive You can pass out from school easily with grades ,but what about the competitive world? You'll easily be left out with two or three marks . Getting adjusted to marking system from an early age helps a lot in later life .
    People say grades give students relaxation but I say ' NO PAIN NO GAIN '

  • Marks are Supportive

    You can pass out from school easily with grades ,but what about the competitive world? You'll easily be left out with two or three marks . Getting adjusted to marking system from an early age helps a lot in later life .
    People say grades give students relaxation but I say ' NO PAIN NO GAIN '

  • Marks are Best

    People say grades don't give students much stress but I say ' NO PAIN... NO GAIN ' ....
    OVERALL GRADING MAY HELP IN SCHOOLING but in reality they stand no where . Marks show the original 'us' which motivates us to improve in our academics . Competitive spirit is very important in today's world

  • People say grading system doesn't give the student too much of stress but I say ' NO PAIN ... NO GAIN '

    Overall ability might help in schooling but in reality it stands no where ... Being very able in a particular thing is very important in today's world ... Schools prefer grades as it doesn't show the inability of weak students but in this process the intelligent ones are deprived of a healthy competition

  • To maintain competition

    Of course marking system is better than grading system .
    You can pass your school easily with grading system but what will you do in competitive exams?? They don't give you grades for your performance . You can be left out just because of 2-3 marks . So schools should also follow mark system so as to prepare our mind for competitive exams.

  • Marks are better

    Marks r better as with marks we can know our actual place where we are standing but with grades eek can't know that where is are place as the student with 89 marks is getting A grare same the student with 81 marks is also getting A grade so I think that marks r better than grades

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  • No, grading system is far better than marking

    I belive that if a child got 89% then his heart will breake and he will fill guilt but if he get A2 then he will try to develope his strength. He can understand the situation and can compete with other students. In this system mark is given according to how much a student understood not how much he by-hearted.

  • Marking is better

    For intelligent students, marking is the right option.

    Otherwise he/ she will also be in the same slab, in which the other 10 percent students having lesser marks.

    Suppose a student with B grade having 61% marks in actual will be equal to another student with 69% marks but B grade only. What is the fault of the student with 69%.

  • Grading i obviosly better

    It is because in grading system children absorb the delicacies of childhood with love ,with care . Where as in borad system (marks system) children are thrown into the battle ground where the survival of the fittest is the rule.Therefore none of the parents would like to throw their children in the battle ground because they always want that their children should always become a better citizen,who is understanding the pros and cons of the world

  • GrAdiNg mUcH bEEtEr

    Just no okay. Like dudes, High school ppl already have enough stress. We don't need to have the marking system. The grading is much better. Thx. And it is also embarassin when everyone looks at your papers and they laugh because you got one mark wrong and everyone else got it wright. Dudes lets take action and say gRaDing SySteM!

  • Grading System is Better

    Grades are much better. Giving the exact marks increases stress in students and burdens them, And the students end up working hard ust to achieve marks. There isn't any devotion in them to study. However, With a grading system, The students work hard to achieve their goals not just to mug everything up to be the class topper.

  • Grading serves the best.

    As a teacher we want our children to blossom in the world like flowers and not to run in the race of bulls for attaining good marks. We have to impart knowledge within students not for the sake of getting good marks but to be a person who can face the real world. Thus giving grades to students will help them to understand the concept of education well and they wont just learn to get marks.

  • Grading system is better than marking system

    As in marking system it is just to check the paper according to the marks seted if one spelling or word is wrong half of it or one fourth of it's marks are gone on that whereas in grading sytem the teacher has to check how much he understood the explaination of the chapter or he has just crammed the chapter and wrote the answer and as evrybody know cramming will not take us to success. It will just take us to report card with a big gift or wishes

  • The grading system

    I think that here in the US the grading system has been the one that has shown to work good in all of the situations that we have threw at it, and that it is a better system than the marking one, although both are not all that bad at all.

  • They're the same thing, but we should be calling it the grading system.

    I'm not sure what the difference between the two is, because where I live grading and marking are the exact same thing. But since grading seems to be a more known term, let's go for that one. A grading system is more or less fair, because it evaluates students based on their work.

  • No, the grading system is better.

    As far as I know, the marking system involves simply checking to see if a student did an assignment correctly or not. And the grading system involves judging how well a student did an assignment for example. I think the latter is more important in terms of helping a student towards a goal other than simply passing.

  • No, I believe the grading system is better.

    I believe the grading system is a good standard to hold in education, it gives you a better picture of some ones overall ability and comprehension in a subject area, I believe that the grading system is preferred universally among the majority of school districts and universities and has held the test of time.

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