• Tiger Woods gets a hard time.

    Tiger Woods may be a sports super star but he is also human. Sure he may not be the best husband but who is? How do we know his wife was innocent in this situation? At the end of the day we go a brief view into a failing marriage and it is reall not fair to base harsh opinions off of it.

  • Yes I think that they did,

    Even though what he supposedly did was wrong I think that the media tore his character down a little too much for what happened between him and his wife and the other women. What a man (or women) does in the privacy of their own bedroom, if it's legal is no one Else's business.

  • Yes, all celebrities are criticized too much

    Tiger has made some bad choices in life, but we all have. The difference in his case is that h did so while he was in the public spotlight. As one of the only golf "celebrities" I think Tiger is given a bit harder time than he would if other golfers we in the spotlight or he played a different sport.

  • The media gives Tiger Woods too hard of a time

    The media gives Tiger Woods too hard of a time and needs to stop doing that. It seems like everyone someone big messes up on television, the media is always easy to point the mistakes and faults in people. The honest truth is that everyone has messed up at some point or another, and the media needs to give Tiger Woods and others some privacy to resolve their own issues.

  • No, he was arrogant and now he pays the price.

    Tiger Woods was a very excellent golfer and probably still is very good. However, he was raised to be arrogant about it and about his success. Therefore, he created public scandal in his marriage and he is not well like by the journalists who report him in the media, which is as it should be.

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