• Defense against alien

    We would not know in the future if a group of aliens would conquer our planet. So it is a good thing that we prepare our military for that possibility. This possible by utilizing the outer space by creating fighter jets and machines capable of moving in the space to defend us.

  • Yes, they should.

    Space is a massive source of income and space. The research the military would probably fund in space would be amazing as well, space holds many interesting things such as no gravity which can be used for major medical research as well as some possible training which can be done by soldiers.

  • If our military doesn't utilize space, our opponents will.

    The star wars program was not hatched from a science fiction film. There is a legitimate advantage to waging war from space. Planes can be detected and shot down. Space is a delivery platform alternative. Having the ability not only to see things from space (google-earth, but better) but to attack from orbit is virtually undetectable and even harder to react to once detection is successful. This is a clear advantage over those without such capability.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the military should utilize space. I believe we spend far too much money on our military for the services that they do provide that there is no reason to give them further funding to utilize space. I believe we already have an organization that is directly associate with space and that is NASA.

  • Military should not utilize space

    Look at our beautiful Mother Earth, filled with life and possibilities. Take in her Ocean and the salty air, I bet the Universe and its secret beauties would all but blow away what we deem extraordinary. Take a closer look and you will see where the Military has taken over, and justly so, we need to protect our land, but we also need to protect our planet. We are polluting the very planet we say we want to survive. How would our beautiful blue skies and wondrous midnights in space look like if it was crowded and utilized for the Military and their agenda. How do we know messing with the forces beyond our understanding won't somehow cause chaos in the Universe?

  • I do not believe that the military should utilize space.

    I do not believe that the military should utilize space. I understand that as humans begin to branch out into space that there will start to be a need for some sort of authoritative presence. However, I do not believe that we should be advancing ourselves violently. I truly believe that if we are to leave this earth and live amongst the stars it will have to be done peacefully.

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