• It goes in cycles.

    Yes, I believe that the next general election will see more conservatives elected to office, because people like a balance of power. When there is a democrat as president, usually people are more liky to vote republicans into the house of representatives. The opposite is true as well. People do not like power in all one hand.

  • Yes, America is ready for a change

    I think next election will usher into office a lot of new conservatives. The recent years America has faced under the democratic Obama administration, have been disastrous. Obamacare, for example, is extremely unpopular. America is ready for a change and will vote a new round of conservatives into office to try to help America get back on its feet.

  • Conservatives in office is a cycle

    There are a lot of different conservatives in the office now and I believe there will be more in years to come. People decide who they want to vote for and if conservatives come up with policies and proposals that fit the voters they will be elected. Hopefully there will always be balance in the government office.

  • Yes it will

    Yes, I think that with Obama's approval ratings continuing to go down and down further that any other president before, the next election will see a large change in the amount of conservatives. There will be a whole lot more since people are tired of Obama and other democrats in office.

  • Yes, it's possible.

    It is possible and likely that the next general election will turn up more conservatives elected to office than we had before. I think that it is due to high name figures who are on TV and well known that announce their opinion strongly and well worded. I think they are very influential.

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