• It should continue.

    Occupy Wall street started off with the best of intentions and was largely successful at first. But it was too loosely organized and wasn't being taken seriously. I think it should continue again, but in a much more strategic manner with figureheads calling the shots. It can't just be chaos again.

  • Until Something Gets Done

    I do not know what people's beef about the occupy movement is? At first I can see why, because they were a nuisance, blocking traffic, starting riots. Now all they do is talk on the Internet about how the system is rigged. What is wrong with that? People need to be reminded that there is still a lot of work that needs to done in order to even the playing field.

  • Occupy Wall Street

    I personally think that Taxes in general are theft in fact, as they steal hard earned money that you worked for to line the pockets of someone else. It is not right that a state has the right to do that to a person. I think most taxes ought to be abolished or at least made a flat tax that cannot change. But yes I believe high taxes along with most as a whole are theft.

  • They are imposers.

    I believe that the Occupy Wall Street movement should be stopped, because they are trespassing on land that is not even theirs. They need to get out of their sleeping bags, put down the pot, and get jobs. There have been rapes and larcenies in the Occupy camp. It is the worst of society.

  • occupy wall street

    I personally disagree,Taxes are a way of life. High taxes are a way of life when thins weren't run the way they should be. We need the country to retain fiscal responsibility therefore there is no need to complain. We are the benefactors of high taxes after all. It is not theft, everyone is just a bunch of babies.

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