Do you believe the officer that shot and killed Michael Brown should be incarcerated?

  • Ample Evidence to Support Criminal Charges in the Death of Michael Brown

    As a free and just society, we have to allow our police officers to enforce the rule of law. To that end though, we cannot allow police officers to work outside of the rule of law that they are charged with enforcing to protect us. Evidence shows that the shooting of Michael Brown was not necessary, and as such, the accused police officer needs to be tried and incarcerated based on his actions.

  • The officer murdered Michael Brown in cold blood

    Regardless of what he may or may not have done what is factual is Michael Brown did not have a weapon on him. Why was a gun drawn on someone who had no weapon ?Well because he was a heavy set very tall back male and instead of ending peacefully it ended exactly the way the Officer intended. He intended to kill him and get a way with it to. If it wasn't murder then what was it. He was left in his Blood for four hours, doesn't sound like normal police duty to me don't they call EMS no they left him dead shot multiple times in the street.

  • I believe that the officer that shot Michael Brown should be put through the judicial process.

    The Michael Brown situation is extremely volatile and continues to be fueled by long-standing feelings of racial injustice throughout the local area, as well as raising questions throughout the country. I cannot comment on the actual events and evidence of what took place on the night in question. However, I believe that if Michael Brown had been shot by a civilian, that civilian would be incarcerated and would go through the judicial process, being tried by a jury of his peers and innocent until proven guilty. I believe that the same laws and procedures that apply to the civilian citizens should apply to the officer that shot Michael Brown.

  • Yes, I believe police brutality has reached a boiling point where actions against it are more possible now.

    Yes, the officer that shot and killed Michael Brown should be incarcerated. Police brutality against minorities has flown under the radar long enough. It is about time a young black man receives the justice he deserves and not just be another statistic. By exposing the people who have tried to cover up the incident, this incident will be a huge turning point in proposing new laws to counteract injustices in the system.

  • I don't think so.

    What happened was tragic. Micheal brown lost his life when he was only 18. Still it's important to put logic before emotion. Micheal was 6 ft 4and 292 pounds. He had stolen $50 worth of cigarettes from a convinent store by intimidation. When the police asked him to get off the street he and his friend refused to do so. According to witness's he approached the car and as the officer opened the door micheal slammed of shut. According to witness's there was a struggle for the gun between micheal and the cop. A woman names Josie called 911 and told the police micheal was getting rough with the cops. The cop probably felt threatend and shot. Remember not to listen to micheals friends storie. They both appeared to be for lack if a better word thugs.

  • The evidence in the Brown Case tips the odds in favor of the officer.

    The evidence presented in the Michael Brown case shows that Officer Daren WIlson was completely justified in shooting Michael Brown.
    1. Michael Brown was stopped not because of the color of his skin, but because he matched the description of a suspect involved in a robbery, and security cam footage at the robbed store confirms that Brown was the main perpetrator
    2. Michael Brown assaulted Officer Wilson, images of bruises on his face after the incident confirms this as well. Brown also attempted to reach for Officer Wilson's firearm, ballistics evidence confirms this as well.
    3. When the DOJ investigated this case and the Dep't, they found no racial prejudice among officers.
    4. As new evidence rose through out the case, witnesses who testified that Brown was innocent and obeyed orders then backed down as the new evidence contradicted their claims
    5. Brown wasn't a "gentle giant", he assaulted the officer and the store clerk, and music created by Brown shows him talking about "gang life".

  • Darren Wilson is a hero

    Michael Brown was a thug piece of sh*t and everybody knows it. Incarcerate Officer Wilson for what? Defending himself? The officer committed no crime but Michael Brown did. Brown was a dangerous thug that would have killed someone very soon, probably already had. We've all seen the video of him assaulting the shopkeeper minutes before officer Wilson had to shoot him. I don't care that he was shot six times, that means nothing. I would have shot him more. The evidence, although these A**holes won't listen to it shows the shooting was justified. If these people riot and break into shops I hope the shopkeepers shoot and kill them too, I would.

  • Incarcerated without trial? Certainly not.

    Some people seem to forget that we live in a democratic society, for the most part. With this comes the responsibility to give everyone a fair trial, no matter the crime they are accused of. If we can give the high-ranking Nazis at the end of WW2 trials, I'm sure it wouldn't be pushing it to give Officer Brown a trial too. Whether he is guilty or innocent is subject to the standard procedure of the court.

  • Cop should get a medal.

    Of course theres commotion and distrust when a white dude shoots a black guy, but nobody bats an eye when theres black males being murdered every day in Chicago. Why would anyone believe the thugs friend? He said Wilson opened the door and ricocheted off Brown...Really? Yea lets be on the side of the criminal. People are such idiots. Same with the Zimmerman trial. People crying about the stand your ground law, when it had NOTHING to do with that stupid law. Go educate yourselves on the case. Bet most people who had a negative opinion on it didn't even watch the trial.

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Spedman says2014-08-22T03:37:37.370
Too early to draw conclusions just yet. So far the evidence is going towards Wilson acting in self-defense.