• There were more witnesses.

    Yes, I believe that the official NTSB report on the TWA Flight 800 was a cover-up, because there were witnesses that never got to share their stories. There are even pictures that show that there could have been a missile that approached the plane. Those who said they witnesses this have since given interviews in which they have said they were told not to speak about it.

  • Yes, it was a cover-up

    Of course the official story was a cover-up. The amount of illegal and criminal behavior going on across the globe today is astounding. To believe any official story from the mouth of the corrupt media or governments is a choice people can no longer afford to make. The scandals and lies that are becoming synonymous with mainstream media and government today make it impossible to trust anything they have to say.

  • Official NTSB Report

    I personally think that the official NTSB report on TWA flight 800 was a cover up because of what had happened in the passed which can affect the official NTSB report. I personally think that the official NTSB report on TWA flight 800 was a cover up because of how intense it could have really gotten.

  • No, it was not.

    A lot of these conspiracy theories are some of the most ridiculous things you will ever hear or see. There's rarely any evidence for them, if there's any evidence at all, and it's basically just connecting thought to thought and thin air to thin air. Poor inductive and deductive reasoning.

  • It was fact

    No, I do not think that this was all a cover up. I think that everything was presented the way that is should have been, and the accurate facts were given out to the people who watched this news broadcast. I think they did a good job covering the issue.

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