Do you believe the Olympic movement should be used as a platform to further human rights causes?

  • The Olympics is an example of international equality.

    Athletes train for years to even compete in the great games. Just being recognized on that level is an achievement for most. Any country has the ability to win in any event. It is true that those countries with higher populations have a greater opportunity to get a win. The statistical probablilities of having natural born athletes alone gives them an advantage. However, every country is allowed to compete, and it is possible for all of them to win a medal. This equal opportunity regardless of predisposition is the purpose of the human rights movement. Freedom from discrimination beyond the limits of the activity you are competing in is all that human rights are.

  • Olympics should be about competition

    This question is one that many people have been asking for a very long time because the subject matter is not one that is easily answered. There is a large group of people that believe the answer is simple and a quick resolution can be had. But that is not the case in this situation. The Olympics should be about competition.

  • No, Olympics should not be used for politics.

    I do not believe that the Olympics should be used to further human rights causes. I think that the Olympics should be a time where the world gets together to compete in sports in the true spirit of friendly competition. Adding politics to the even would only cause problems and issues.

  • It is about unity.

    No, I do not believe that Olympic movement should be used as a platform to further human rights causes, because the cause of the Olympics should be about unity in sport. The world would never agree on what the different human rights causes should be, and it would deter from the unity we find sports.

  • No, I don't think the Olympic movement should be used as a platform for human rights causes.

    I don't think it's appropriate to try to further a human rights agenda during the Olympics, the focus on the Olympics should be on the athletes and global competition not other issues, I think people who try to bring up issues like that are widely ignored and are see hurting their cause.

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