• The only real weapon against reality is imagination.

    The only real weapon against reality is imagination. It takes imagination to be able to create most of the products that we create and use in the world today. If something does not appeal to you then use your imagination to change the product and create something different in the world.

  • That and drugs

    Imagination is much better weapon for reality than drugs though. Better for your health anyways. I love this question. If you have an imagination you can pretend to make the world the way you want it to be. That is probably how video games, music, and television all came to be.

  • fighting reality is a losing battle

    Imagination has a place certainly, but i wouldn't call it a "weapon". I wasn't actually aware that we were currently fighting all of reality. What are the rules of engagement for something like that? Does reality adhere to the Geneva conventions? In all seriousness though, imagination is the key we use to hack the boundaries of knowledge, to arrive at new and unexpected options and bring them forth into the real world.

  • No, imagination is not the only weapon.

    There are many ways to escape reality or end it. The first that comes to mind are real weapons like guns and bombs. Then there are other ways to let loose from reality, such as video games and movies. People can become very involved in role playing games and spend days on end just playing a game.

  • No, imagination isn't the only weapon against reality.

    I do not think that the only weapon against reality is imagination. I think that if somebody has to resort to an imaginary world to cope with reality, they might have some issues they might want to deal with. I think that it is important that people try to cope with their real lives with helpfult tactics.

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