Do you believe the organization Anonymous is good for the world (yes) or bad for the world (no)?

  • I think they are mostly good.

    I do believe that Anonymous is mostly a force for good in the world. They tend to have a Robin Hood mentality and go after the bullies while protecting the rights of victims. One member of Anonymous was very integral in getting the rapists in Steubenville Ohio prosecuted and I think that it's great that they had to face justice. Since they are a large unregulated hive mind group, however, they could also use their abilities to do bad.

  • But really neutral

    Anonymous is neutral. If people are actually asking this question to themselves and to the people around them then they don't really understand what Anonymous is. Anonymous is completely neutral in its actions, and it can be either great or awful depending on the context and perspective of the viewer.

  • More Good Than Bad

    Overall the organization Anonymous seems to be a potluck of members across the world with no real member and no one person in charge. Since this can lead to problems, in my opinion, you always have to hope someone won't use the organizations name while doing something they shouldn't. However, that hasn't happened thus far and I would have to say their actions thus far have been more helpful than harmful.

  • Anonymous has lost its purpose, and thus is bad for the world.

    For their first few ventures, Anonymous was an excellent idea. They began holding organizations accountable for their actions against the "free flow of information." They rose to the occasion when "hackers" were being targeted and exploited for posterity and profit. Then something happened. I didn't follow the group closely enough to understand what changed, but something definitely did. They lost focus. Now, they send empty threats to seemingly random targets. Their prestige and power have been taken and now they are little more than a nuisance. They are not good for the world because they lost whatever leadership they had that kept them on track.

  • They are militans.

    No, I do not believe the organization Anonymous is good for the world, because the organization does nothing but interrupt order. They are anarchist, and want to cause trouble and shut down websites. People should know when they produce websites or other content, that it will not be hacked or otherwise tampered with.

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