Do you believe the Party in the book 1984 can be compared to contemporary conservative Christians?

  • Yes, things are getting more repressive.

    Those in the tea party and in other conservative Christian movements want to think a certain way and have everyone else think in a certain way too. It is a repressive way of thinking and if left unchecked would lead us to the frightening practices of the Party in Orwell's 1984.

  • The party in 1984 is all about freedom. (theirs)

    Contemporary conservative christians love their freedom. You hear about how their freedom is being stripped away constantly. Every year the 'war on christmas' is constantly ticking through the news. How dare these people strip the Christians of their freedom to oppress and indoctrinate! If the contemporary conservative christians had it their way, they would certainly mimic the party in 1984. Because science is stupid.

  • Christian conservatives and 1984's Party are not comparable.

    The Party as depicted in 1984 rules over an extremely centralized, authoritarian, and statist regime, all attributes that would be anathema to any contemporary conservatives. Conservatives, including Christian conservatives, generally favor an extremely limited government constrained by the Constitution. They also emphasize the rights of the individual, over the collective. All of these principles are in direct opposition to everything the Party stands for in 1984. Therefore any comparisson between the Party and conservative Christians would be extremely poor.

  • Absolutely not--The Party was leftist

    The Party in 1984 was a parody of totalitarianism--namely, Stalinism, which was an extreme form of leftist ideology. Contemporary Christians are not only not totalitarian, they're on the other side of the political spectrum,as they are on the extreme right on the spectrum, not on the left, like The Party was. Furthermore, contemporary Christians do not believe in ideas like invasion of privacy or instituting secret police to govern people's lives.

  • Christians cannot be boiled down to a fictional group.

    The Party in the book 1984 cannot be compared to contemporary conservative Christians. Although there are some similarities between the two, conservative Christians are their own group with their own identity. They cannot be simply boiled down to a group in a fictional piece of literature. That is kind of disparaging.

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