Do you believe the path to a healthier community is best achieved via science and religion (yes) or nature and nurture theories (no)?

  • Yes, science and religion is the best path to a healthier community

    Science and religion would be a better path to a healthier community because you need the logic, study, and reasoning that science brings to the table in order to grow and make new discoveries and innovations. Religion is also very important to a community's mental health - it is important to believe there is more to this world than just yourself and your little piece of the puzzle. Nature and nurture, while not unimportant, are merely the ideas of a person doing well because of qualities he was born with (nature) or qualities he developed due to his environment (nurture).

  • The facts of life

    I think that the main path to a healthy community comes straight through science. As a wildlife science major in college, I see firsthand in my courses how important it is to keep the worlds natural resources in check, and see that there is a lot that we need to do.

  • Path To Healthier Community

    I personally think that the path to a healthier community is best achieved through science and religion because the world is based on a healthier community. i personally think that the healthier community depends on that individual as well as the community has to be willing to work together to have a healthier community.

  • No, I think a healthier community is best achieved via nature and nurture.

    I think that a healthier community can be achieved via nature and nurture. It is important for us to realize that people can come together and learn from each other and work together despite our differences. Formal entities such as religion or even a scientific belief, isn't always the best way to unite people for a common cause.

  • Up To Idividuals

    Obviously it is up to the society as a whole, but people are always going to do what they want to do. The more you force them in one direction, the more they try to rebel against that direction. You just have to let them figure it out for themselves and they will makes the necessary changes.

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