• It sure is

    Yes, the patriot act is still needed here in the US. This bill was passed by president Bush to help make sure that no more terrorist attacks happened in this country. This act is still important, and we still need it since a terrorist attack could still easily happen today.

  • It has become a sword.

    No, I do not believe that the Patriot Act is still needed, because the United States has plenty of other ways to get the information they need without broad data mining from its own citizens. Americans are skeptical of the Patriot Act. With a government to serve its citizens, the Patriot Act has outlived its benefits.

  • No, the Patriot Act was never needed

    In my opinion the Patriot Act was adopted out of irrationality and therefore should be scrapped. While it may have seemed like it was a necessary evil at the time of its creation, it violates the foundational ideas our country is built on. Further it has created a grossly over-extended domestic spying apparatus; one must only look at the NSA scandal which broke in 2013.

  • It was never needed to begin with

    It was never needed to begin with, as we already have had security measures, extensive ones at that, in place for several years. All that really was going on before the Patriot Act was that those rules and laws were very laxly enforced, and the competition between governmental agencies kept them from cooperating with one another.

  • No, it is not still needed.

    The patriot act was and is not needed for the United States. A law that allows the Government to immediately ignore the constitutional rights of it's citizens is very dangerous. It goes without saying that a person should not have to fear it's Government if that Government makes a mistake and suspects them of something.

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