• Yes it should

    Its costs more to make than its value and not many people use it anymore. Retailers would just round up or down. Instead of prices like
    $9.99 it would just be $10. Pennies have almost no value because of inflation and its value will only become worse. Most machines do not accept pennies also.

  • Yes, I do.

    I believe the penny should be removed from currency as it has become obsolete with inflation. Some stores have started rounding to the nearest nickel as a result of this. It is a waste of time and materials to produce and ship pennies around the world. There is no real point.

  • The government loses money on them

    A penny actually costs more to make than it is physically worth, and as inflation happens over time, that is only going to get worse. Most machines that take coinage do not really take pennies anyway, as vending machines round to at least a nickel, if not dimes or quarters. It is time to start uncirculating them.

  • Yes I believe the penny should be dropped

    The penny is a complete waste. First, it costs more to produce pennies then a penny is worth. Second they are completely useless. Merchants would have no problem rounding up or rounding down. When I see a penny on the ground, it isn't even worth my time to bend over and pick it up

  • Yes It Should

    Every year the government spend more money producing the penny than it is worth. Pennies are worth more for their metal value than they are in face value. This obviously creates a problem and I think dropping the penny from currency is the best way and the fastest way to solve this problem.

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  • No, the penny should still be a part of the currency.

    I think that the penny should not be dropped from the American currency. I think that the penny still has a place in the currency of today. Unless everybody in America starts using a debit card or something similiar, people will still need change as small as someting like a penny.

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